BQ BQS-4008 Shanghai

  • screen 4", resolution 800x480
  • smartphone, Android 4.4
  • camera 2 Mpx
  • support of two SIM cards
  • memory 512 Mb, memory card slot

Installing the firmware on BQ BQS-4008 Shanghai:

1. First of all you need to download the firmware itself.
2. Then unpack it onto your computer.
3. Next, select the program through which the device will be flashing.
4. Then select the firmware file for BQ BQS-4008 Shanghai to be downloaded and put it in the program.
5. Read carefully what is written in the program during the installation.
6. Wait until the installation and start the device.

Our recommendations are:

1. Carefully read and find out the program through which the stitched image for your BQ BQS-4008 Shanghai.
2. Do not recommend installing the official firmware.
3. Never interrupt the installation process when the device firmware.

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